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Laurel Evans Smith

Laurel Evans Smith

A lover of fashion from a young age, my goal has always been to share my passion for style with other people. As a native of Southern California and an avid fashion aficionado, I have been collecting vintage pieces since I was a young adult. Blending reclaimed and refined, I developed a style which has served me well during a lifetime maintaining a fine balance between parenting, travel and career. Having spent the last 25 years immersed in a world of clothing and design, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with and learning from some of the industry's finest. While selling retail couture at high-end boutiques and doing the buying for Nordstrom, I was introduced to a world of people with whom I was able to establish a bevy of friendships and a long-term, trusted clientele. Everything in my life from retail apparel to watching my teenage sons cultivate their own way of dressing, has influenced the way I view a person's individuality when it comes to matters of clothing and personal style.

Born with an insatiable lust for travel, my yearning to experience other cultures eventually led to business opportunities in the world of interior design. By bringing in one-of-a-kind pieces of indigenous art from Latin America and implementing my love for architecture, I've assisted my clients in creating the spaces they yearn for. Understanding a person's pastimes and passions allows for a deeper connection to what they are tying to ultimately achieve. 

Deep down, everyone has the desire to present their individuality to the world. My goal is to identify how that will look and help them refine and achieve the style that is uniquely their own; manifesting the person they were born to be.

So why me, you ask?

From introducing you to the best hip-hop instructor to hooking you up with a rescue organization to adopt a shelter dog, I will help you make lasting connections in the community.

Having lived in the greater San Diego area most of my life, I have a large network of creative friends, the majority of whom are musicians, artisans, craftsmen and entrepreneurs. From boho-chic clothing designers and jewelry makers to bespoke furniture builders, restauranteurs and upholsterers, I am in collaboration with some of the most gracefully talented small business owners in Southern California. Being inquisitive by nature, I am drawn to what's new in the area and have an affinity for making connections. From people to people, people to services or people to business, my work as a cultural liaison brings me great satisfaction. Making connections and creating new relationships is after all, what it's all about.

Let me be your lifestyle and cultural liaison!


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