How It Works

There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there’s only scarcity of resolve to make it happen – Wayne Dyer

One and one half years ago, I started my own business.  For 30 years I have been involved with fashion and interior design. You could say I am obsessed. I have decided that I cannot decide which I love more, Wardrobe Styling, Interior Design, connecting people to people, people to business or just people. That’s where “Life-Styling” came into play for me. Why do I have to decide? All my passions work together, play off each other, compliment each other.  My take on this... how you dress and what you surround yourself with are a couple of ways to express what you're up to in this world.

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I wanted to get my services noticed and have a little fun, so in addition to a website and other social media channels, I came up with my logo t-shirt. (with the creative geniuses Janet McCulley and Laurie Wilson) I’ve received so many cool compliments and sales from “The Crow” tee. Daily, I run into people that say, “ I love your t-shirt line”, “Will you be opening a store?” or “Now, what is it that you do?”  I am not knocking any of these questions or comments; I am grateful for every one of them. Not many actually know what I do (except my good friends & clients) , it’s my own fault. I LOVE so many things and I’ve done so many things.

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“The Crow Tee” is a visual metaphor representing rebirth.  I have the opportunity to do anything in my life, anytime I choose. Create change, surround myself with people and things I cherish and feel good about my outward appearance when I walk out the door for the day, all are my vision for how I work.

-Wardrobe Styling

-Photo and Video Styling

-Interior Designs


I can look upward, arms open wide and Take Flight.



“Life Stylist”

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Catherine Shipman